History of The Surgery Center at Doral

The Surgery Center at Doral was founded in 2006 by Dr. Alejandro Badia, a hand and upper limb orthopedic surgeon, graduate from Cornell University and NYU School of Medicine, who previously developed along with a group of physicians, a very successful model for complex upper limb and microsurgery in an ambulatory surgery center in Miami, Florida that lasted a decade since the mid 1990’s. He also oversaw the construction of the center, which was at the same time managed by Titan Health, an ambulatory surgery center development company.
During 2009, Dr. Ramon Cabreja, (Anesthesiologist) came on board to create and refine the anesthesia program, and later became the Medical Director at time when Dr. Pete Garcia (General Surgery) and Dr. Jose Lamas (General Surgery) joined the surgical center as part of the Governing Board of Directors.
The vision was to create an elite state-of-the-art destination in South Florida in the ambulatory surgery setting and perform complex ambulatory surgeries of all types, many traditionally done in the hospital environment, with superior anesthesia protocols, coupled with very skillful, nationally recognized surgeons who have been gradually joining to further the center’s mission.
These goals have been largely achieved as seen by the increase of local and large amount of international patients to the center, attracted by the different specialties practiced and the dexterity and surgical abilities of these recognized physicians along with the high clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and focus on concierge level services offered to patient and family members alike.