Insurance and Billing

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  • You will need to bring your insurance cards, including Medicare (if applicable) and a photo identification card. Motor Vehicle Insurance patients will be required to pay their deductible, if applicable, on or before the day of treatment.
  • Insured patients with deductibles will be required to pay their deductible on or before the time of service. Mastercard, VISA and American Express are accepted.
  • Self pay patients will be required to pay for services on or before the admission date unless other arrangements have been made.
  • In the event any of the above requirements cannot be met, the facility will attempt to make other financial arrangements. These arrangements must be approved by the Administrator. If you have questions about financial arrangements, please call us at (305) 341-7280.
  • International Insurances are accepted.  Please check with the international department for verification of benefits, copayment and deductible amounts.