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Interventional Pain Management in Miami, Florida
What Exactly is Interventional Pain Management? Interventional Pain Management (or Interventional Pain Medicine) is a healthcare specialty focused on the use of a variety of medical techniques to relieve pain. Some of the more common techniques involved in pain management are nerve blocks, intrathecal ...

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Weightlifters: Don’t Forget Your Elbows
Feel a pain in your elbow while lifting weights at the gym? Is it a sharp pain, or more of a dull ache? Either way, you’re probably wondering exactly what’s making your elbow hurt, and how you can relieve it ASAP. Treatments for an elbow injury range from the R.I.C.E. method to elbow surgery depending ...

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National Arthritis Awareness Month 2017 – #SeeArthritis
This May marks National Arthritis Awareness Month 2017. Arthritides and other rheumatic conditions as a whole have made up the #1 cause of disabilities in the United States for the past 15 years. (Source: United States Bone and Joint Initiative: The Burden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States ...

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All About Golfer’s Elbow: Symptoms, Surgery, and Swing
You might not think that golfers would find themselves exposed to a particularly high risk of injuries compared to other sports—other than perhaps the occasional errant swing where someone forgot to shout “Fore!” (And ruling out Dorf entirely.) This is a common misperception. Just like other ...

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It’s National Public Health Week 2017! (April 3 – 9, 2017)
National Public Health Week 2017 (April 3rd - 9th, 2017) kicks off today in Miami and the rest of the United States. National Public Health Week is an annual awareness week sponsored by APHA (The American Public Health Association) during the first full week of April. As you may have guessed due to ...

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